McCarthy proposes shooting ban in Cecil


Republican Cecil County Councilman Alan McCarthy proposed a bill that would ban shooting in Cecil County and leave law abiding citizens defenseless against criminals attempting to harm them or their property.

I normally try to avoid seeming rude or confrontational, but this proposal makes my blood boil!

McCarthy’s shooting ban scheme would make it illegal in Cecil County to fire or discharge any firearm:

  • On the property of another person without written permission of the land owner or tenant;
  • “In the direction of any residential dwelling… or school”
  • “On public property” without advance written permission
  • “Wherein the projectile or projectiles traverse the property of another so as to endanger life, limb or property”
  • “Within 150 yards of any residential dwelling …or school” without written permission of the property owner

mccarthy shooting ban

So if you are defending yourself on your property against an intruder be sure to think about what direction you’re shooting and get permission from your neighbor first.

I’m sure the burglar will wait for you while you get permission from your surrounding neighbors and double check that you’re not 150 yards from a school!

Under this shooting ban, you cannot fire a weapon on someone’s property unless you have WRITTEN PERMISSION AND HAVE THAT WRITTEN PERMISSION IN HAND.

Of course, police officers are exempted from the law and shooting is allegedly going to be allowed on your property for self-defense only if the county government deems it “reasonably necessary.”

Do you want to leave it up to Alan McCarthy, the County Council, and government bureaucrats to decide whether or not you were justified in defending yourself on your own property?

Get this: this law will also not apply to towns.

So that means that citizens who live in towns get preferential treatment while folks that live in the county are penalized.

McCarthy strongly opposed a draft resolution this year to nullify O’Malley’s SB281 gun ban in the county . . .

. . . and now he’s wasting no time in peddling shooting bans in Cecil.

One of the criticisms of the nullification resolution was that Cecil County doesn’t have the authority to NOT implement O’Malley’s Gun Grab package.

How does the county now have authority to pass sweeping gun control?

McCarthy is giving Martin O’Malley a run for his money with this insane anti-2nd Amendment shooting ban scheme.

Honestly, I think this shooting ban bill might just be worse than the O’Malley bills!

Call your County Council right now: 410-996-5201.

Tell them to vote NO on any ban on shooting in Cecil County.  Law abiding citizens should not be penalized and restricted by county government for using a gun to defend themselves.

There’s one common denominator with every gun control bill: these bills never hurt or inhibit criminals, they always and only restrict the rights of the innocent.

mccarthy shooting ban

So did other County Council members step up to defend our 2nd Amendment rights against McCarthy?

The answer is no.

In fact, Republican Councilwoman Joyce Bowlsbey had this to say:

      “We’ll have to educate the public.”

Thanks Joyce!  We appreciate your strong, conservative opposition to this foolish proposal!

With Republican leadership like this, who needs Democrats in Cecil County?

Friends, I don’t mean to be harsh, but I become very angry when politicians use murders and horrendous tragedies to stur up public support for Constitution-shredding initiatives.

As a career police officer, I want you to know that I take gun safety very seriously and I have seen first hand the horrors of gun violence.

However, restricting our God-given rights guaranteed to us by the U.S. Constitution is no way to fight gun violence in America.

Let me be blunt here: we need money to fight this proposal right now.

If we are not able to raise money, we can’t kill this 2nd Amendment shredding bill.

Please click here right now to help us get the effort to kill this gun control bill underway!


Mike Dawson
Board Member
Republicans of Cecil Political Action Committee

P.S. We cannot allow this shooting ban in Cecil County!

Call your County Council right now: 410-996-5201.

Tell them to vote NO on any ban on shooting in Cecil County.  Law abiding citizens should not be penalized and restricted by county government for using a gun to defend themselves.
mccarthy shooting ban

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